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Moto-Master's all pourpose sintered metal pads offer a powerful unitial bite and optimal wear resistance in extreme conditions.They stand for a progressive feel at the lever and offer high thermal stability up to 600C/1000F degrees. No fading on high speed downhills. Moto-Master brake pads are 100% compatible with OEM stainless steel rotors but are designed especially to match our brake rotors in performance and feeling.Bedding in time is low as optimal pad/disc contact is acheived after 8 to 10 stops.

Moto-Master brake pads are available in 4 compounds, suitable for various applications.

  • 11 compound: Allround sinter pad for offroad and MX competition. High performance/wear ratio.
  • 12 racing compound: Provides 30% more friction than 11 compound.These high friction pads are designed for professional MX, SX, and supermoto racing. High thermal resistance. Excellent initial bite. Developed for world championship motocross and AMA supercross.
  • 13 compound: Front trail pad for trail and street bikes. Designed for combined street/dirt use with excellent all-weather stopping power.
  • 14 compound: Rear pad for trail and street bikes. Tech specs identical to 13 compound.