Motocross rims:

The Excel Takasago aluminum alloy rim is the benchmark in offroad racing rim technology. Every Excel Motocross rim is engineered and designed to perform in extreme hostile environments where other rims routinely fail. Fact, Excel has won more Motocross and offroad championships - worldwide - than all competitors combined! Part of the secret is in our exclusive 7000 series aluminum alloy which has a 50% higher yield strength than our competitor's 6 series aluminum. Also, our exclusive know-how in extrusion design, complex multi-step forming, advanced robotics welding, and in hard anodizing such a tough and complex material is key to Excel's strength and world market dominance. Excel MX rims are the choice of all Factory Works and Privateer Teams worldwide, and the choice of Japanese OEM builders such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Plus, European OEM's like Cagiva, Gas Gas Motos, Husaberg, Husqvarna, KTM and MotoTM - all rely on Excel's legendary strength.

Motocross A60 rims:

Excel’s new A60 rims are structurally 15% stronger than current Excel Takasago Signature Series Rims, yet A60 rims remain the same weight. A60’s new V-curve profile helps reduce mud buildup, keeping your bike lighter than your competition. A60 is available in black and is characterized by a metallic silver pinstripe along the edge of the rim giving A60 a distinct “works” look. A60 rims can be laced to stock, Excel Pro Series or Talon Ultra Lite-II hubs. Developed for the professional racer looking for increased wheel strength and durability. A60 rims are available in the following sizes: 21 x 1.60, 19 x 1.85, 19 x 2.15.

Supermoto rims:

Super Motard specialty road racing has been the rage of Europe for many years and is rapidly coming to North America. First you take a basic Enduro or Dual purpose offroad motorcycle and replace the MX type wheels/rubber with Excel wide Super Motard rims, then install some sticky road racing rubber. Next tweak the brakes, suspension and motor if you have the money; and quicker than you can say "Adios", you have a lightweight pocket racer that turns, handles and comes out of corners faster than the high priced stuff! Currently available in a silver hard anodized finish, and a wide range of sizes and widths up to 5.50" wide to handle most applications; ready to be drilled for popular 32 and 36 hole hub configurations. Built for competition, Super Motard rims also utilize our exclusive 7000 series aluminum alloy just like our Motocross rims. Excel's exclusive know-how in extrusion design, complex multi-step forming, advanced robotic welding and in hard anodizing such a tough and complex material is key to Super Motard's strength and growing expansion in this challenging market.