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CWC Stainless Steel wheel rims are a replica of O.E.M Dunlop and Jones profile rim. They come highly polished with a brilliant shine and are virtually indistinguishable from Chrome. These rims offer a no rust solution to rebuilding the wheels on your restoration project, and will be long lasting and polish up like new for years to come. They are ideal for areas where salt air or road salt is a major factor.
Our own brand C.W.C. English Chrome Rim is rolled to a replica of the popular Dunlop rim from the 60's era. Each rim is hand polished prior to being dimpled, drilled and finally finished with a triple plate to give a deep lustre finish.
The Elite Classic chrome rim is exactly that - "Elite" - it is produced for the restorer who demands only the best.  We have taken the traditional British Chrome Rim and enhanced it to a level where this is undoubtedly the No. 1 finish available on a Steel Rim.
The company Morad have been producing motorcycle rims in Spain for over 10 years. As part of their expansion they recently acquired all the tooling for the rim profiles previously made by Akront. A forward thinking company who have invested heavily in some of the most modern rim manufacturing equipment available, therefore offering both reliability of supply and consistency of quality.
The Radaelli Chrome Rim is traditionally the most economic rim in the market place, produced more on a quantity than quality basis predominantly for the extremely competitive original equipment market. Perfectly adequate for the replacement market but not always to the standard required by the professional restorer.
Aluminum rim must be light but strong and toughness for MX use. In order to establish the conflicting requirement, we started the joint development with material manufacturer to develop the special duralumin. EXCEL RIM developed Special 7050 aluminum alloy for EXCEL U-shaped rim that excess aircraft 7075 specification. You can see "Takasago EXCEL Rim" logo everywhere in the race scene. Innovation technology and original material support the rider who runs WGP MX, AMA SX, Supermoto etc.

SM PRO PLATINUM Rims and Wheels 

The New SM Pro Platinum Rim is the strongest and lightest aftermarket rim available to date, 18 months in testing and development the SM Pro Platinum rim is made form a specially formulated high grade of 7050 Series Aluminium. 
The Platinum Rim has been designed, tested and manufactured to withstand the rigours and demands of today’s high performance motorcycles and riding styles, whilst reducing the weight of the rim to keep down the unsprung weight of the wheel. 
This combines to make the SM Pro platinum rim the New Benchmark for aftermarket MX rims.